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Welcome to the Guest Post Market (Beta).

With the new Penguin 4.0 update, things have changed in SEO quite a bit. No longer can you effectively use software such as GSA, Senuke and the like to generate tiered backlinks from various platforms and get a solid boost in rankings because Google now knows the patterns of these platforms and lowers the link value of these links.

Its down to traffic, social signals and nature backlinks from unsaturated sources such as high quality Guest Posts.

That being said, Guest Post Market brings those with high quality guest posting opportunities together with those in need in an easy to use micro job marketplace where you can post your opportunities and market them to others to generate sales. GPM only gets a 5% cut of each sale.

If you are using our site and experience a bug of any kind, please email us at and let us know so that we can fix it immediately.

Thank you and enjoy!

Open My Account

Below is how you use the site: Once you have signed up and logged in, click your Username to open the My Account section.

open my account

Once in My Account, you will see your current active GPOs (Guest Post Opportunities) and a left side panel containing your account options.

My account

Make sure you add your Avatar Photo and your PayPal Email Address

paypal email

Try to fill out every form option. Then you can begin creating GPOs to sell to others.

Back on the top right you will see a Green SELL SERVICE BUTTON, click it.

sell guest post

This one page contains everything you need to submit a GPO for sale.

sell guest post

Once you have everything filled out and your GPO is ready to go, click POST JOB, thats it! From here, Guest Post Market will auto post your new GPO to twitter and other social media accounts as we add them. You should link your new GPO to all of your social media accounts, websites etc as well to draw more traffic and potential sales!

Any other questions, email us at