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Guest Post Value

Guest Post value is relative to your goals in obtaining guest post opportunities to begin with. While some offer authority, they may not offer quality traffic and vise versa.

Current Google Climate

As Google grows smarter and it learns more about the various techniques used by SEO’s to get an edge over others for boosting search engine rankings, our options seem to dwindle over time. Now, with Google’s latest Penguin 4.0 update, Google now knows and has integrated systems to devalue links generated by automated software systems such as Scrapebox, GSA SER and others.

While spamming backlinks to sites for boosts have been gone for a while, now, even the types of sites commonly used for building these spammy backlinks are recognized by Google and in many cases the links from these sources are devalued overall. This means that things like guest posts and social signals stand to gain much more favor in SERP efforts.

Guest PostGuest Post Value

The value of a post is dependent on several factors.

A guest post with a cost of $100 dollars with 100,000 visits per day engaging in content related to the site you would be guest posting for but no authority for whatever reason could be worth more than a $50 guest post with a high authority and no traffic. In other words, if you are running a drone sales site and you pay $100 to guest post on a drone related with lots of drone related traffic, how many sales could you generate from that traffic? Not to mention the likely bounce rate from such focused traffic would low which in turn will help your site as well.

The flip side to this is, maybe there is a guest post opportunity on a crappy but old blog that doesn’t get a lot of traffic but it has good authority and trust factors and while the site may not be specifically about drones, its about gadget or hobbies. Its close enough to likely help you build some authority but would be strictly a link building opportunity and may not be worth as much to you as the $100 guest post. Here is a very in-depth look at Guest Posts and how they can benefit you.


In summary, be smart about your guest posting efforts. While I believe all guest post opportunities have value in some way, you have to measure your goals for the post against the cost of the opportunity. Like any real SEO effort, the value of a wide variety of guest posts on related sites can effectively build your authority so that your posts on your own site are ranking faster and higher. Its an investment in the future of your site if not a direct traffic boost for the present.

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